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to rate disasters that only rated linganore levels. >> the u.s. has already conducted helicopter missions along the battered coastline and found a few isolated communities of survivors. >> wease alan -- we found essentially hundreds of people, 100 at this place, to wonder at this place. it is just a matter of getting them out -- 200 at this place. it is just a matter of getting them out. >> the u.s. carrier ronald reagan is still off the shore of japan launching aircraft loaded with supplies. but the shift moved further on tuesday after some crewmembers tested positive for low levels of radiation. -- further out to sea after some crewmembers tested for low levels of radiation european pet energy officials are applying stress tests to their plant and germany officials have switched off some of their plants, one of them permanently. >> the nuclear crisis in japan comes just as america had finally started to get past its discomfort with nuclear power, caused more than 30 years ago by three mile island. >> it is called the nuclear present -- renaissance, the growing acceptance in recent years
. it is a u.s.-led effort to help the rebels in eastern libya. nato has agreed to command a no- fly zone, but who will run the air attack? it remains undetermined. >> it could fall under nato. it is a political decision that is ongoing. >> u.s. forces would have the major role just to lower -- just a lower public profile. >> remember the scene and "wizard of oz"? >> leading democratic senator jay rockefeller said, i want to avoid getting into another conflict with on down costs and consequences. the white house said the president had to get into libya before congress could debate. >> there is very little doubt that benghazi would have fallen and many people would have died. >> meanwhile, a massive protest today in syria, a nation next to israel. in jordan today, the most violent demonstration so far. critical mideast states in turmoil with u.s. forces in action, far to the west. it looks like no quick -- officials are planning for a three-month operation over libya. >> you will find the latest developments on efforts to drive the libyan leader out of power on our website. you can take pa
. and in about 20 minutes, the possibility of new nuclear plants here in the u.s.. would our state of the art technology prevent a meltdown in this -- in the event of a disaster? >> we want to update you on a story that is developing in cairo. a massive blaze at the egyptian interior ministry has spread to adjacent buildings. at least seven floors have burned and parts of it have collapsed. it comes as ministry employees have demanded higher pay, but they denied any involvement in the fire. and an f-16 fighter jet crashed in libya. steve handelsman has the details on the latest u.s. involvement. >> commanders say the u.s. at the -- the u.s. f-16 was not shot down, but suffered a mechanical failure. as they were rescued, bloodshed was described by the beans to western reporters. a u.s. rescue team reportedly fired on frenemy mckeown rebels who were near one of the u.s. pilots. the six libyans reportedly died. officials investigating the crash promise to investigate the reported deaths. two arab nations in katar enda u.a.e. say they are sending jets. but muammar gaddafi's ground troops are stil
are suffering and also the damage itself. >> one man is grateful for the outpouring of assistance from the u.s. and other countries. one has been communicating through e-mail and she has been looking through japanese web sites to get the latest information. >> you have heard how important skype has been for people to stay in touch with each other. we go to tokyo. what did you experience when the earthquake hit? >> the building was shaking hard and people could not stand up straight. >> did you stay inside or did you go outside? >> i went outside. >> about how long did it last? >> it was for three minutes. >> was there very much damage in tokyo? that was not as close to the northeastern part. >> not too much damage in tokyo? >> i don't think so. >> the hour earthquake and tsunami coverage continues online at pictures and videos show the devastation. you can see the pictures and a guide. we have posted the link on our home page. >> maybe next year, that is what many advocates of the same sex marriage legislation are saying after the legislation died. it was sent back to committee. da
is leading to more political anxiety in the united states. u.s.-led attacks continued. president obama said america will take a back seat. politicians are demanding to know the exit plan. more on the unrest in the middle east, from capitol hill. >> last week, they looked doomed. but eastern rebels today have new hope, thanks to american f- 15 pilots and british pilots, french pilots. they are hammering gaddafi's forces again today. the coordinated attack that president obama promised will not be led by the u.s. for long. >> there will be a transition in which we have a range of coalition partners, the europeans, members of the arab league, who will participate in establishing a no-fly zone. >> the transition would be complex. >> it is not so simple as a handshake some place and you are now in charge. >> u.s. leadership in a third far away more concerned senate republicans. >> the plan is not there. the end game is not apparent. >> congress is in recess. no debates or votes on libya. democrats are concerned. >> this is not the way our system is supposed to work. >> the house speaker warned b
and wait for several months to come in. >> the majority of these cars are made at u.s. plants, but even those are cutting back on production due to the fears the parts they're getting from japan will be delayed. >> we are on about a 90-day supply. as it stands right now, our supply looks good. but what the future holds, it is tough to tell. >> if you are in the market for a japanese car now, -- >> you should buy it now. >> the manufacturers have good deals. even if you are doing research come in and say hi and see what the supply looks like. but right now, you will have your best choice. >> one shopper we talked to set her mind was elsewhere. >> i don't think the car problem is the biggest issue that all. the nuclear about reactor. >> late this afternoon, we learned the problem has extended to american car makers with general motors announcing its plant in louisiana has suspended production indefinitely due to a shortage of parts that come from japan. we are quickly learning just how vital japan is to the auto industry worldwide. >> thank you. the earthquake in japan was as strong as so
the poor, 100 programs to plant u.s. roads and rails. 82 programs and 10 agencies to promote quality teaching, untold billions wasted, says the gao report. republans say that as part of what they would cut out >> to make sure we are identifying areas of waste and duplicative regulation so we can get rid of that. >> today was just the first of many budget cuts to come. >> four months after republicans gained power here, they're left spending agenda is taking over. -- of their less spending agenda is taking over. >> it is only through mid march. if a compromise is not reached by then, then the government will shut down. how will that impact maryland? >> we are learning more about the two-week reprieve that is coming out of washington d.c. this afternoon. there's still concern from employees all over the state of maryland that work in federal agencies, like this complex behind me here in woodlawn. especially employees that worked through the 1995-96 federal shutdowns. >> in 1995 you were either in central or nonessential. it caused havoc with our k with people being off -- with our payc
for gunshot wounds after the military assault his citizens. u.s. military ships are had is closer to the country. could we be getting ready for another military conflict? >> it was a big talk on capitol hill. the obama administration is trying to dial back some of the talk about possible military action. >> there is a lot of loose talk about some of these military options. >> defense secretary robert gates giving a candid assessment about the possibility of u.s. military intervention in libya including talks about a no-fly zone. >> a no-fly zone begins with an attack on libya. to destroy the air defenses, that is the way you do a no-fly zone. >> gates said that a no-fly zone could be done at the president ordered it. the white house says this is not off the table. >> are we considering an attack on libya? >> we are considering a variety of options and we have not ruled any options out. >> secretary of state hillary clinton said that further involvement would be a difficult decision. >> the tough issues about how and whether there would be any intervention to assist those who are o
of people in shelters as u.s. family's struggle to get in touch with their loved ones. team coverage as families tried to reconnect. >> thousands of residents are losing their homes to foreclosures. the push for renters to know their rights. i am lisa robinson. that story coming up. yep, you can get a great deal on every volkswagen, including the 2011 jetta. awesome. plus it's an iihs top safety pick. even better. but they're going fast. so, i guess this is where you tell me i got to hurry or it's gone right? yep. going going gone. get it? it's funny. [ male announcer ] the volkswagen going going gone event. hurry in, and for a limited time while they last, get a 2011 jetta for $179 a month. visit today. >> this actress remains in jail. she plays a drug assassin in hbo's "the wire." she claims she was not selling drugs. she says she has not turned into a life of crime. >> a surprising number, estimated 40% of all foreclosures are for an investor-and residential properties. thousands of renters are living in those houses. even though they pay rent, some are being kicked o
turnaround because of the u.s. and our allies. muammar gaddafi's heavy weapons are being destroyed by coalition pilots. and the air tactic that was run by the u.s. will be commanded by nato. but many in congress warned president obama not to send u.s. ground troops to depose gaddafi, who said this today. >> yes, we want him out. no, we do not want to do it at the enormous costs of a million -- a military invasion. >> what is our mission in libya? what is at stake there? why are we in the third engagement in the middle east? >> lawmakers wanted a role in the advance -- in advance of the air war. >> this was not in our interest -- i want to know why we were not advised because this was not in our interest before we committed forces to the air war. >> i do not think it is vital for the u.s., but we clearly have interests there and it is part of a region that is of vital interest for the u.s. >> the region is in chaos with uprisings in syria, egypt, and the georgijordan offensive in libya has already cost about $1 billion. >> at the white house, i'm steve handelsman, wbal tv 11 news. >
to the family then. there were no apologies today. >> the u.s. attorney's office addressed the bust this afternoon. we will have more on that and more exclusive video coming up at 6:00. >> in wisconsin, lawmakers approved a bill stripping collective bargaining rights from workers. this standoff was broken when republicans realize they could pass the bill without the vote of the assembly members. lawmakers from the senate and assembly approved a bill short time later and democrats say they will contact the attorney general about last night's vote. maryland has a big budget hole to fill, not as severe as wisconsin, but could what is happening there happen here? >> with a democratic governor and democrat-controlled legislature, it seems unlikely union busting tappan in maryland. but if you ask the local police union, you may get a different analysis. >> we have a $75 million budget deficit. >> he may be the equivalent of the wisconsin gov., scott walker. he signed into law a measure giving the county government more power over its public safety unions. the county council now has the fi
for the u.s. to become more involved. >> libyan rebels are moving towards tripoli but three weeks into their uprising, muammar gaddafi is hanging on. despite raveled the sense of fire, government warplanes and artillery helped gaddafi's forces retake one town held by the rebels. shells struck at a rebel-held oil facility. this is a reminder of how the war is driving a gasoline prices and the u.s.. president obama got a message from an oil state democrat and republican. grant more licenses, they say, for oil licenses in the gulf of mexico. >> we should not be so dependent on foreign sources of oil when our country is so rich in resources. >> what about military options? the commander in chief conferred with the u.k. prime minister. >> what i discussed with president obama is making sure that we plan for every eventuality including planning for a no-fly zone. >> now they should be grounded, says republican john mccain. >> every hour that goes by, innocent libyans are being attacked and massacred. >> without you win backing, europe is raring for a no-fly zone. -- without u.n. backing
. >> tonight, u.s. and british officials are applauding two high-profile defections from the gaddafi regime, the bien foreign minister and -- the libyan foreign minister and a general. but it is a bad day still on the battlefield for the gaddafi opposition. >> again today, libyan rebels were in retreat, firing on government forces with what little they have. but taking fire and taking flight. the rebels were moving away from tripoli. muammar gaddafi is regaining ground, but he has lost something that might matter more. the libyan foreign minister defected to britain. he's gaddafi's right-hand man, blamed by some of orchestrating the lockerbie bombing. but without it -- without giving immunity he switched sides. >> the point is, pressure on gaddafi is intense. the people around him are realizing the days of this regime are numbered. >> it is a validation of the obama coalition plan to destroy gaddafi's deadliest weapons. this was a building f-16 attack yesterday and tipped the balance to the rebels without sending u.s. ground forces. >> the removal of colonel gaddafi will likely be achieved
. >> president obama ordered aircraft to help evacuate, but he has not ordered u.s. warplanes to attack libyan warplanes. two senators said today, let's do it. >> i argued for a no-fly zone and i think we could achieve it. >> but it would not be risk free for the u.s. >> it is not as simple as moving an aircraft carrier and deploying a bunch of planes. you have to take action to make sure you have air dominance. >> action to eliminate the gaddafi offensive, action that president obama has not ordered. >> the commander in chief is -- has said he is prepared to send in forces if libyans get trapped. >> still ahead, see which local employers are looking to hire some 2000 workers. >> and still ahead, harmful viruses. what consumers should know. >> a's -- a local student pleas for classmates to stop bullying him, and it is all caught on tape. >> trying to save our history, that story, coming up. >> a manhunt underway in baltimore county, along with major roadways shutdown. bye, mom! we're here! [ giggling ] okay, girls. mom, i don't feel good. me, either. these days, nobody has time to get sick, bu
money. retail sales are up. u.s. manufacturing is growing at the fastest pace the industry has seen in almost seven years, and exporters are taking advantage of a growing overseas market. >> what we see today is a promising move forward. >> but the white house warned, not an end to an economic problems. >> we have a long way to go. the hole we are coming out of is very, very deep. >> long lines linger at job fears across the country. >> the problem is, we would need to have 300,000 new jobs per month over the next three years, every month, to get unemployment down to 6% by 2014. >> even though those regions even those who do have a job are being forced to spend a lot more of their paychecks on essentials. >> about one out of four people who have a home with a mortgage is under water. >> consumers are also dealing with a spike in gas prices, up more than 20 cents in the last week. fuel could reach four dollars a gallon by this summer, approve the u.s. economy still faces a long and difficult road back. >> there is some good news on the economic front here in maryland as well. a new s
the president sell some of our emergency stash? the strategic u.s. petroleum reserves stored on but gulf coast. >> at that point we will be inflicting pain on real, it -- on middle america and low income families when it reaches $4 a gallon. >> no decision yet by the obama administration on of oil reserves or the no-fly zone and no sense that the white house is in a rush. >> the big story tonight, sorting out details of a violent weekend in >> in two of the incidents, the victims were trying to stop a crime from happening. barry simms is live in baltimore city police headquarters where the investigation continues. >> that high school student, ronald biggs, was planning to go to the olympics. the other victim was a business owner in southwest baltimore. violent confrontations on baltimore city streets. now 57-year-old business -- george marshall and 17-year-old ronald genser are both dead after trying to stop to violence situations -- ronald gibbs. >> the best thing to do is call 911 and we will get an officer to you as quickly as possible. said they heard commotion outside and he was trying to
, but the rebels are in trouble. they want the u.s. to send them heavy weapons. some democrats fear president obama has put us into a long and may be a losing fight. >> it is easy to get into one of these. it is very difficult as events unfold to get out of there. >> libyan americans gathered to urge no quick american pullout. >> continue the humanitarian support in libya. gaddafi's forces continue to the state to kill and maim innocent civilians in many cities. >> this is tripoli tonight. muammar gaddafi's supporters celebrating. there side is staging a comeback. >> the obama plan is to pull back and turn over control of the libyan military operations to the u.s. allies within a few days. steve handelsman, wbal tv 11 news. >> and tonight, more than 400 maryland national guard soldiers are now on their way to the troubled middle east. for many of them, this is not their first deployment, but this time they're going in as peacekeepers and eventually they are headed to egypt. >> the 175th infantry is the oldest national guard unit in the state of maryland. it dates back to the revolutionary war. this
as dramatic. >> there was more drama than most of the films. >> married 8 times, has the number 6, u.s. senator john warner. >> her heart and soul were just as beautiful as her classic face and majestic eyes. >> it was her romance to richard burton that created a media frenzy. >> they would -- there had never been stars that big and romance that famous. >> in 2009, she mourns the passing of one of her best friends, michael jackson. in her later years, it was for charity work for aids research that kept her going. she was hospitalized with congestive heart failure. she will be remembered for her beauty, generosity, and grace. >> there is much much more on elizabeth taylor and her there are photos and an interactive timeline. look at her movie clear and invite you to vote for your favorite. late breaking news from hartford county where a police officer is charged with sexually abusing a minor. the officer has been abusing a child since last september. he faces a fourth degree sex assault and second-degree assault charges. hear what the commissioner has to say. >> we are learn
political fallout here in the u.s. over the war in libya. republicans are pounding president obama about gasoline prices, demanding that he these domestic supplies and ok more domestic drilling. steve handelsman has more. >> what will president obama do about gas prices? so far, he has not released any of the u.s. petroleum reserves, even though the government today predicted $3.70 per gallon this spring. that is a political problem. today's headline on capitol hill -- >> "pump pain for obama." >> send more dollars overseas, that is the administration's position? >> it is a flashback to the 2008 campaign. >> drill, baby, drill. >> obama won, drogin lost, and the -- drilling lost, and the vp ended bp crisis. wales state republicans again say, drill. >> supply is key. domestic supply and start increasing prices that way. >> analysts say do not drill. >> we use one-quarter of the world's oil and only have 2% of the resources. it is a lot easier to decrease the amount we used and to dramatically increase our supply. >> in fact, we have done neither. will the libyan revolution sparked change
. according to the u.s. chamber of commerce, 67 million in cash so far from u.s. companies. >> cash is king in the disaster. the full scope of the disaster may not be known. > >> worldwide corporations have donated $137 million to japan relief efforts. microsoft is pulling the plug on their mp three music and video player. there is weak demand for their products so they will focus on putting the technology into cell phones. microsoft would not confirm any of those reports. verizon releasing its new gadget tomorrow. the smart phone runs the android software. the plan to initially sell the phone with an unlimited data plan. the price should be around $250 with a two-year contract. >> how many issues would it take to do this to your car? engine problems and other issues were too much for this owner. it was bought just a month ago. mechanics were not able to resolve the issues to the owner satisfaction so the owner and his friends, those are sledgehammers they're taking to the lamborghini. the car cost a staggering $289,000. >> i know that hurts you to look at those pictures. >> it does. >> sti
. other auto companies will delay production shipments for u.s. dealers because of shutdowns in japan. one carrier will continue trips to and from its pub in tokyo's airport. there is so much devastation and danger in japan. tv 11 news. >> today president obama demanded the libyan leader martti gaddafi -- colonel gaddafi stand down. this came 24 hours after the u.n. security council voted to authorize military action. we have the latest from washington. >> a day after the u.n. security council imposed a no-fly zone over libya, president obama spoke. >> these terms are not under negotiation. it khaddafi can not comply -- if khaddafi cannot comply, the resolution will be in force with military action. >> we have faith we are not going to deploy ground troops in libya. we are not going to use force beyond a well-defined goal. >> he did not spell out exactly what the u.s. military will do. today critics have hammered the president's. >> it is long past time for the president of the united states to answer these calls for international leadership. >> they have declared an immediate nationwide c
we will get to any change in attitude by gaddafi. >> president obama ruled out u.s. ground troops. >> cattle hill is splintered. -- capitol hill is splintered. >> if he hangs on, what will that say about mr. obama. violence to use retain power. if he does not go, that is the lesson people will draw from that. >> america will save many libyan lives to remove gaddafi from power. helping to build a democratic pro-western libya has to go on hold. >> now to japan where toxic discoveries are raising already- years. plutonium has been found. radiation also continues to spread. they have protected against the power of a tsunami. japan is facing its worst problems since world war two in. -- two. >> the unseasonably cold march weather pattern continues. it has been chillier than normal for the last several days. it will be a little colder here tomorrow. the and the west virginia panhandle, there is cold here living in our direction. you will see that whatever sunshine we are enjoying is about to give way to a weather disturbance, this one producing rain in parts of the ohio valley and mount
needs 20 of these shots. u.s. officials say they will not stop special compound in pharmacies from making the cheaper version of the drug. last month the drug makers ward pharmacies to stop making be cheaper version or face legal issues but doctors rejected this. a new study finds swapping out canned food for fresh fruits and vegetables can lower levels of bpa in the body. it is used to harden plastics that has been linked to cancer and infertility. we have been falling five families who cuts bpa from their families. levels of the chemical dropped 60% and went back up as soon as families went to their old eating habits. the ban will include infant formula. does artificial food cause hyperactivity in children? it is a question we raised in february. >> there is something genetic going on. along comes food dyes and they can trigger it. >> the fda has said there is no link of evidence but tonight the agency is reconsidering their positions. we will have the latest from today's hearing. >> now your forecast with tom tasselmyer. >> the pollen count back into the high range for some tree
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23